New AutoPOL version 03.28.0006


A new updated version 03.28.0006 of AutoPOL has been released. This version includes new functionality and a few minor improvements/fixes. The major ones are briefly described below.

Customers with an active Subscription can download this version from the AutoPOL Customer Portal.


  • MultiSave available in Unfold tab and Add-on Design
    The MultiSave function can now be used not only in the Bend tab, but is also available in the Unfold tab. It is even available in Design tab if that add-on is active.
    The files saved and thier content is adapted depending on what information that is available in the current state.


  • Support for the Trumpf TASC 6000 control
    FCC Software is happy to announce that AutoPOL now supports the Trumpf TASC 6000 control.The programs created for this control does not only include the numerical information required to run the machine. It also contains the native 3D graphics that allows the operator to see each operation directly on the control. No extra features or viewers are required.To support this new feature there is also an extensive library of tooling and machine information/components added to the existing collection.To activate this new feature, a new activation code is required.
    Customers with an active subscription will find their new activation code on the AutoPOL Customer Portal.
    Dealers and partners can obtain their new activation code(s) by contacting FCC Software.