Press release: AutoPOL GT, press brake off-line programming taken to the next level.


AutoPOL has since its release back in the early 2000´s been a leader in the off-line programming of press brake’s. A new generation, called AutoPOL GT, has just been released.
The software has undergone major development and improvement and will bring a new ease of use never before experienced.

Having been the pioneers in the early days of press brake off-line programming, AutoPOL has held the position of being the most capable and advanced available. Even when having such high technical levels and advanced features, the user friendliness has always been something operators highlight.

While maintaining and improving the highest technical level, great efforts have been made to raise the user experience even further. The result is this new generation AutoPOL GT setting new, even higher, standards in user experience for off-line press brake programming.

With a heritage in traditional computer environments and the future of hand held devices in mind, the AutoPOL GT has been developed to be what’s often referred to as hybrid software. This means that it is built to be used efficiently with both a classic mouse and modern touch screen devices.

Besides all the user interface improvements there is also a lot of enhancements and additions to the technical functionality and capabilities.
Adapting to use with touch screen devices requires that many features are more automated and scaled down from the users stand point. The spin off effect is that many technical features have been improved greatly to allow use with less user interaction.

The new version is available to existing users with a valid Subscription contract through the AutoPOL Customer Portal and is also delivered to all new users.
To make the transition from previous versions or learning from scratch is easy. There are over 15 different tutorials available in the software help section, all with simple to follow video demonstrations.

“AutoPOL has always been in the forefront when it comes to functionality and user friendliness for press brake off-line programming. With this new generation of the software we are taking that to yet another level. The remarks we get when showing it to both new and existing users is overwhelming. Everybody is so impressed with how easy and powerful it is.”, says Fredrik Holmvik, Product Manager at FCC Software.


About FCC Software

FCC Software is a company developing and marketing world class software for sheet metal manufacturing. The company was established in 1987 and has Falköping, a city in the southwest part of Sweden, as its base.
After starting with sales and service of Computer Aided Design software, the company evolved and is now focusing all its resources on developing and marketing its own software products. Products that are all related to design and manufacturing of sheet metal parts.
FCC Software operates globally and have through strategic partnerships created a strong sales and service organization to service each market.
Core company values are great innovation, cooperation and strong relations.