Press release: New AutoPOL add-on for batch processing and integration with automated systems.


AutoPOL has since its release back in the early 2000´s been a leader in the off-line programming of press brake’s. By releasing this new add-on the software takes another big leap forward to maximize press brake productivity and efficiency.

The all new Batch & Remote is an add-on to AutoPOL. It enables automatic processing of multiple parts and interfacing with external software systems.
Batch processing means that multiple parts are processed by the software automatically.
All necessary tasks are performed without user input, the results are reported back and production data is created.
If any issues occur, for example parts being impossible to bend, they are reported back through the system and the operator can review them.

The Remote part of the add-on is built in such a way that external software systems can instruct AutoPOL to process parts automatically and receive the results back. This makes it possible for existing planning and production systems to interface with AutoPOL and use it for press brake integration.

– Automatic programming of multiple parts.
– Unattended processing.
– Dramatically reduces programming costs.
– Reports the overall outcome and for each step in the process.
– Easy manual inspection if issues are reported.
– Allows external software systems to control part processing.

This new functionality can be added not only to new licenses but also to existing installations.
For further information on obtaining this add-on to your existing license, please contact your AutoPOL supplier.


About FCC Software

FCC Software is a company developing and marketing world class software for sheet metal manufacturing. The company was established in 1987 and has Falköping, a city in the southwest part of Sweden, as its base.
After starting with sales and service of Computer Aided Design software, the company evolved and is now focusing all its resources on developing and marketing its own software products. Products that are all related to design and manufacturing of sheet metal parts.
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