The AutoPOL sheet metal software concept is a modern 3D system for off-line press brake programming and unfolding of 3D CAD files.
The whole concept is based on two main packages. Then there also add-ons available for those who require that specific functionality. A brief description of each package and add-on is found below.


is the complete package used for programming of press brakes. Simulating off-line will save valuable production time, minimize cassation and validate the process before you have even started the machine.

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is used to import and unfold 3D models created in any other CAD system. After importing, just select the Unfold command, and the flat pattern is calculated. Unfolder has got unique features to adapt the result to work shop conditions, such as tooling and material.

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are additional features and functionality that can be added to the BendSim and Unfold products.
These are designed to meet requirements in specific areas that are not available in the standard packages.

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