Batch & Remote


Technical features

Below you will find a short description of the main technical features and benefits of add-on Batch & Remote.

  • Automatic programming of multiple parts or assemblies.
  • Extract single sheet metal parts from assembly files.
  • Unattended processing.
  • Dramatically reduces programming costs.
  • Reports the overall outcome and for each step in the process.
  • Easy manual inspection if issues are reported.
  • Allows external software systems to automate and control part processing.
  • Part production queue calculation to minimize tool changing time.

Industry 4.0

Using the included Industry 4.0 Data Sharing protocol, any software system can extract information and data from AutoPOL. Typical information can be, for example, part information, press brake process data or properties extracted from the imported CAD file. This data can then be used for quoting, planning, analysis or anything else you can imagine.

Adaptable levels of automation and integration

With the Batch & Remote add-on you can choose what level of automation and integration you want to do. Everything from manually selecting parts to be auto-processed to importing job lists generated from other systems to full scale integration where all systems communicate without any human intervention.