AutoPOL BendSim is a modern 3D software solution for off-line programming of press brakes.

Programming a press brake off-line gives many advantages regarding productivity and economy. The main areas where you benefit are:

Drastic reduction of machine down time

Instead of occupying the machine when programming on the controller, you produce parts while new programs are created on a PC.

Reduced programming time

Programming off-line does not only help you avoid down time, it is also faster.

Quicker machine set-up

With well documented and clear production reports, machine preparation and tool rigging is more efficient.

Less scrap

With extremely accurate flat pattern calculation, due to AutoPOLs unique methods, initial scrap parts are heavily reduced. Get the first piece right!!!

Validate productivity

Thanks to off-line programming you can discover and avoid potential manufacturing problems before the part is taken into production. Finding out in “mid-production” costs a lot of money…

Optimize production

With smart and highly visual interface it is easy to create more efficient programs. More helpful back gauging, smart auto-sequencing and optimized set-ups are examples where AutoPOL can help you create programs with shorter cycle times.

All of the above benefits are achieved through the use of advanced, but still easy to use, functionality built into the software. Throughout the whole process the user can get help selecting tools, calculating an optimal bend sequence, positioning back gauges, making efficient tool set-ups etc.

Technical features

There are many technical features that assist the user througout the simulation process.

Import of 3D files…

…from all major CAD systems is included. No extra charge.
In the unlikely event of not supporting its native format, several neutral file formats are available.
see a list of supported file formats below.
go to list

Auto sequencing…

…is often used to find an optimal sequence in order to be as productive as possible. As solutions are presented, they are ranked according to the search criterias defined by the user. It is also often used to see if the part can be bent at all or if special tooling is needed. If doing it manually is preferred, just select the bends and click bend…

2D Converter…

…is a tool to take 2D files, such as DXF and DWG, and convert them to 3D files that can be used by AutoPOL.
The modern concept of AutoPOL is based on the use of accurate 3D models, and therefore this converter covers the need to lift “old school” 2D data into accurate 3D. Old 2D data is often inaccurate and incomplete, but with AutoPOLs unique methods those limitations are overcome.

Automatic tool set-up…

…will help you find an optimal set-up of tools to rig the machine with. It will try to create as few and simple stations as possible with the segments available in your tool library. Of course you can also manually alter the tool set-up to suite any specific need or other method you would like to use.

Back gauge fingers…

…are always positioned automatically and the part is inserted with the preferred side, according to user defined priorities, into the machine. If another position is to be used, the back gauges are easily moved using drag n drop or numeric values. There are also intelligent functions to position the part in pockets of the fingers, if available.


…is naturally an important part of the BendSim concept.
Setting up your own tools is very easy in AutoPOL. Many of the major tool manufacturers already have their catalogs available in AutoPOL. If not, new ones are created using templates or imported from CAD files.

Discovering potential problems…

…will not just save you from agony later on, but also money. During the whole process AutoPOL is performing real time collision detection and will alert if problems arise. Also other things, such as tool loads and machine limitations, are monitored to help avoid mistakes.

Hemming, dutch folding, flattening…

Same thing, different name. What ever you call it the methods are the same an AutoPOL support most of them.

NC-code generation and process documentation…

Supported machines

AutoPOL is manufacturer independent software that supports most brands of press brakes.
Below you will find a list with samples of machine brands where AutoPOL is used to program them.

However, knowing only the machine brand and model is often not enough to decide if a particular machine can be programmed by AutoPOL or not. Actually, the machine brand and model is irrelevant.
The deciding factor is what controller that is fitted on the machine. In particular the control brand and model. In some cases, additional information is needed to verify compatibility.
Please contact your local AutoPOL representative and they can assist with finding out if your machine is supported or not. If you are not already in contact with one, look here

Even if your brand is not listed, please reach out to your reseller. Your machine might be compatible, but has not yet been confirmed and additional machines are added continuously. Or can be developed…

A: Accurl, Accurpress, Adira, Aliko, Alpmac, Amada
B: Baykal, Beyeler, BLM, Boschert, Bystronic
C: CBC, Cincinnati, Coastone, Colgar, Colly
D: Darley, Dener, Deratech, Durma, Dye
E: Edwards Pearson, EHT, Ermaksan
F: Farina, Finn-Power
G: Gade, Gasparini, Gilardi, Gizelis
H: Han’s, Hilalsan, Hindustan, HSG, Hurco, Hämmerle
I: Iturrospe
J: Jean Perrot, JFY, JMT (Durma), Jordi
M: Mecos, Metallkraft, Metfab, Murata, MVD
N: Newton
P: Piranha, Placke, Prima Power, Proteck, Pullmax
R: Ragos, Rico, RMT
S: Safan, SafanDarley, Salvagnini, Shaanxi Haven, Shenchong, SMD, STR
T: Trumpf
U: Ursviken
V: Vartek, Vicla, Vimercati
W: Warcom, Weinbrenner, Wysong
Y: Yangli, Yawei, Yeh-Chiun

Two tiers of BendSim available

AutoPOL BendSim is available in two different tiers, to suite different needs and budgets.
This way the small company with maybe just one press brake for internal use to the large manufacturer with many different machines in an Industry 4.0 integrated factory can find a suitable solution.
Compare the two tiers, BendSim & BendSim Pro, compare tiers

System requirements

You can view the systems requirements for AutoPOL BendSim here