AutoPOL Unfold is software for calculation of flat-pattern from 3D models created in CAD systems.

AutoPOL Unfold is stand-alone software, completely independent of other CAD platforms. It is also more production orientated than other similar software, taking into account things like material and tooling to create more accurate flat patterns.
Those are major factors in getting good production results.

The main benefits of using Unfold are:

Unfolding everything single-curved…

…means that you are able to get flat patterns from all models from simple profiles to advanced pieces with free form surfaces.

Adapt to production…

…is crucial to get an accurate calcualtion of the flat pattern. AutoPOL will, in contrast to many others, take things like material and machine tooling into account.

Stand-alone and independant…

…means that you do not have to bother what other CAD/CAM software you encounter. They can all output files that you can use.

Output ready for production.

All the output from Unfold is ready for production, meaning that no additional input is needed.
The pattern contains bend lines, angles, tool info etc. and is CAD/CAM software friendly and user configurable.

Quick to learn and use.

AutoPOL Unfold is a piece of software that is very easy to learn and use.
The user interface is very intuitive and self explaining. Actually very little computer skills are needed…

Technical features

Below you will find a short description of the main technical features of AutoPOL Unfold

Import of 3D files…

…from all major CAD systems is included. No extra charge.
In the unlikely event of not supporting its native format, several neutral file formats are available.
Here you can see a list of supported file formats.

Worlds most comprehensive unfolder…

…with both automatic and advanced mode.
The unfolding function is able to unfold even the most complex free-form surfaces as long as they are single-curved. It can even make partial unfoldings from a single model.

Using tool data…

…will ensure that you get a good unfolding result, since that affect the bending result. Often much more than the compensation factors…
Setting up your own toll library is easy and makes your work fast and accurate.

A material database…

…is easily created and is then used to calculate the behavior of the parts you unfold.
Unfold will, based on material, tooling and angle calculate inner radii and compensation factor for the bends.

The flat pattern…

…is easily created with all the production info you need.
The DXF output can be configured to suite different software for cutting/punching and is CAM friendly, meaning that it contain no spline, double lines, gaps etc.

Two tiers of Unfold available

AutoPOL Unfold is available in two different tiers, to suite different needs and budgets.
This way the small company with limited needs to the large manufacturer looking to fully automate their sheet metal unfolding process can find a suitable solution.
Compare the two tiers, Unfold & Unfold Pro here compare tiers

System requirements

You can view the systems requirements for AutoPOL Unfold  here